The Culture C.O.-O.P. promotes understanding and respect for diversity/equity, cultural competency, literacy and a quality education for all. We accomplish our mission through a comprehensive approach, engaging key partners who interface regularly with youth. Our approach is holistic, culturally relevant and intergenerational as we use approaches and tools which are research-based and incorporate the arts. Through serving people of all ages and backgrounds, we seek to create new paradigms for how people view and engage with one another.

We feel the aforementioned practices are critical to young people and adults in their pursuit of leading healthy, productive and successful lives.

The Culture C.O.-O.P. provides culturally relevant and responsive trainings, presentations, author visits, and keynote speeches on a variety of topics for educators, youth, families and community/business and organizations. You can request a particular service that fits your needs for a specific event or explore a comprehensive approach that increases the chances of systemic change and impacts overall academic achievement.

The Culture C.O.-O.P.'s comprehensive approach is based on four age-appropriate strands of engagement that revolve around a school or community setting. Youth, parents, educators, and the community fully engage in all four strands. Students in the age group “pre-kindergarten to 2nd grade” are exposed to introductory concepts designed to prepare them for future engagement. Older students who are capable of understanding more complex concepts learn about larger issues and how they can do their part to change their community and themselves for the better. The involvement of parents, educators, and the community instills a shared framework of interaction with youth and lays a foundation for sustainability. This systemic approach to all ages and parts of the community ensures that vulnerable youth and adults are empowered to become future leaders and promote positive change.