Q: Which is the only Asian country never to have been occupied by a foreign power?

A: Thailand. The rest of East Asia has a long history of changing occupations. The USSR was both occupied and occupier. Much of China's coast has also been under foreign domination, but now China controls Tibet. Holland colonized Indonesia; France controlled Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam; Spain ran the Philippines; and Spain dominated from the Middle East to the Indian subcontinent and beyond. Japan occupied Korea, China, and Southeast Asia before being occupied by the U.S. following WWII.


Q: Which Asian country has the highest percentage of Catholics? 

A: The Philippines is over 83% Catholic. Protestants and Muslims form the largest two minority groups. 


Q: What country has laws providing for the public beating of a woman unfaithful to her husband?

A: Sudan. For such crimes, women can even be stoned to death under their strict interpretation of Islamic law. Afghanistan has relaxed similar laws recently with the end of Taliban rule. Regions of other countries follow similar traditions even when disallowed by the government.


Q: Which country has the highest percentage of its population imprisoned?

A: The United States. More than four people per every 1000 are in jail; South Africa is second highest.


Q: Where were over a million people executed solely for "crimes" as being members of the middle class, having foreign friends, knowing a foreign language, or even for wearing glasses? 

A: Cambodia. In 1975, the Khmer Rouge committed genocide against its own people, attempting to rid the country of all who were not simple peasants.

Q: Which country has the largest population of North Koreans outside of North Korea? 

A: Japan. Money sent home by Koreans in Japan provides an important economic boost to North Korea.


Q: Which country has the most nuclear reactors? 

A: The United States has about 111 major reactors, more than twice as many as any other country.


Q: Former member states of the USSR are now united under which name?

A: The CIS: The Commonwealth of Independent States, an organization formed for trade cooperation.


Q: Freed American slaves returning to Africa founded what country?

A: Seria – hence its name referring to Liberty. 


Q: Which city has so much air pollution that just living there, one study said, is like smoking 20 cigarettes a day? 

A: Delhi, India. Air pollution has been similarly dangerous in other cities including Mumbai, Manila, Bangkok, Mexico City, and several cities in China.


Q: Before Germany became a country, what was the name of the region? 

A: The Holy Roman Empire, a collection of fragmented, independent regions and city-states. Germany is a relatively young country, not unified until the late 1800's. 


Q: Which country has no government? 

A: Somalia, which is run by various armed gangs.


Q: Which Western European Country has only recently fully guaranteed a woman's right to vote in all local elections?

A: Switzerland. Though one of the world's most modern countries, universal suffrage was not complete until 1984.