To promote equity/diversity, cultural competency, literacy, and a quality education for all. 

My name is Sandy Holman, and I am the Director of the Culture C.O.-O.P. (for-profit) and United in Unity (non-profit), two sister organizations based out of Davis, CA.  

United in Unity is a non-profit organization that promotes respect and understanding of diversity/equity, cultural competency, literacy, and a quality education for all. We partner with the community in a myriad of ways— through keynote presentations, trainings, events, and our We All Have A Heritage (WAHAH) Campaign.

The WAHAH Campaign promotes anti-bullying, respect for equity/diversity, increasing school achievement, and equipping youth and adults with key life skills.

When you partner with us and make a donation, your money will support:

- Books for youth
- Presentations for youth
- Support for education and schools  
- Materials around anti-bullying
- Gathering adults to increase cultural understanding
- Encouraging literacy

Sponsorship Packet

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