Workshop and Events

Participants spoke well of your sensitivity and love of children, they felt renewed by your commitment and your dedication, from the beginning to end you quite skillfully and enthusiastically engaged. - University of the State of New York

"They found [your] workshop to be very informative, engaging and enlightening. Because of your presentation, participants ... received information that is valuable and applicable to the work they do with families and children." - STARNet Region V

"Your words and life are inspirational and the most powerful thing for our students to see is a role model that never gave up on [her] dream." - EOPS/CARE I

"She captures you! She's instant energy. She motivates, moves and makes you feel good. Awesome. Please bring Sandy to every conference!" - Sacramento Summer Writer's Conference

"When I came to pick him up he was telling me with great excitement about your presentation." - Parent of First Grader, Davis, California

"I have heard nothing but rave reviews about the content, delivery and interactive way in which the audience participated". - National Head Start Program

"WOW, you were fantastic!!! Thank you very much for being part of our Black History Celebration of Color event." - City of Sacramento

"Thank you so much for the dynamic message during our closing session. I have heard nothing but rave reviews. " - Sarah Greene, President NHSA

"THANKS, WHAT A GREAT JOB!!!!! It was really wonderful. Everyone is saying it was the best MLK event." - KDRT Radio, Davis

"Dr. King's dream is kept alive in part though the hard work of people like you." - Mayor, City of Davis, Martin Luther King Day

"The children and staff LOVED you. They loved the spirit and sentiments you shared. We are honored that you spent the morning with us." - Principal, PS20, NY

"Our staff and students loved the hands-on, upbeat, history and music-filled presentation that gave everyone pride in who they are." - Cleo Gordon Elementary, Fairfield, California

"The knowledge and personal experiences you shared were instrumental in the success of the [Cultural Diversity Training] program." - County Sheriff-Coroner

" ... your storytelling was absolutely energized and inspiring." - International House

"Participants expressed how much they learned; informative, engaging and enlightening, very applicable to work with families and children." - Illinois STARNET, Chicago Public Schools

"You managed to engage everyone, to educate and inspire us while avoiding all the pitfalls." - Stanford Home for Children, Sacramento

"Children and staff loved the spirit and sentiments you shared." - Anna Silver School, New York City

"Your presentation was a tremendous hit, students of all ages were smiling, clipping, chanting and singing through most of the presentation. You really did touch every child who saw you." - Sacramento City Unified School District

"Thanks for your willingness to share your time and expertise with teachers from all levels of instruction, as well as librarians, and administrators." - Illinois Reading Council

"As you can see from the evaluations, the presentation was a huge success."- Imperial County Office of Education

"You were fantastic!!! Thanks for being a part of our Black History Celebration of Color." - Laura J. Bjornsen, Supervisor, City of Sacramento

"I want to express my gratitude for the strength and inspiration you gave me. I think you are absolutely fantastic!" - Training and Curriculum Specialist, US Navy

"We continue to receive raves about the wonderful time." - National Black Child Development Institute

"I'll be able to use the new ideas every day with my kids!" - Sacramento START

"Normally I fall asleep during the keynote. Meeting you was like a shining star and I wish to give my students the opportunity to hear you read." - Teacher, Queens, NY

"Thank you for teaching us about respect." - Stephanie, Fifth grade student.

"The assembly was the most fun assembly I ever had. We did that dance and we got prizes. I really like your books." - student

"Warmly received, honest and open." - Sheriff Coroner, County of Yolo, California

"Effective for opening doors and minds." - Family Alliance

"A memorable event." - Western Coalition of Chapter One Parents

"I was extremely impressed." - Sacramento County Office of Education

"Many positive comments." - Southwest Educational Development Center, Cedar City, Utah

Response to Books

" ... Eye-pleasing illustrations ... The message is worthwhile and important... especially in classrooms emphasizing cultural awareness." - School Library Journal

"Handsome double-page spreads acclaim the history, spirit and culture of African heritage. Children will appreciate both the candor and the comfort."- Booklist

"Vividly illustrated. Teaches children to be proud of their heritage." - Essence

" a prideful primer on African history and culture." - LA Times

" paintings and rhymed text introduce children to cultural commonalities and differences." - School Library Journal

"What a wonderful way to introduce our youth to the abundant diversity of the world's people!"  Elizabeth Pathy Salett, President NMCI

"As I read this beautiful book, I was filled with the joy of who I am and of those who are so different from me." - Lee Mun Wah, Producer of "The Color Of Fear" 

" ... a book about love, family, and beauty values to celebrate our history, using the wit and wisdom of Grandma." - Pamela Ferrell, Cornrows & Co. 

"Your presentation at the Western Coalition of Chapter One Parents was outstanding." - Billy Alexander

"I have told stories for more than fifty years and "Grandpa, Why is Everything Black Bad" is one of the greatest stories I ever read." - Professional Storyteller

 "Your books deliver a powerful message of respecting other people." - Davis Unified School District

"We all have a heritage is one of my favorite books." - Sixth grade student, Elk Grove, California

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