My name is Sandy Holman, and I am the Director of the Culture C.O.-O.P. (for-profit) and United in Unity (non-profit), two sister organizations based out of Davis, CA.  

United in Unity is a non-profit organization that promotes respect and understanding of diversity/equity, cultural competency, literacy, and a quality education for all. We partner with the community in a myriad of ways— through keynote presentations, trainings, events, and our We All Have A Heritage (WAHAH) Campaign.

The WAHAH Campaign promotes anti-bullying, respect for equity/diversity, increasing school achievement, and equipping youth and adults with key life skills.

When you partner with us and make a donation, your money will support:

- Books for youth
- Presentations for youth
- Support for education and schools  
- Materials around anti-bullying
- Gathering adults to increase cultural understanding
- Encouraging literacy
Consider donating to our work. The different sponsorship levels are listed below; please see attached for more information.

Amethyst/ Anchor Sponsor ($25,000)
Diamond ($20,000)
Emerald ($15,000)
Sapphire ($10,000)
Ruby ($5000)

Pearl Sponsor ($1,000)

Platinum Sponsor ($750)
Gold Sponsor ($500)
Silver Sponsor ($200)
Bronze Sponsor ($100)
Copper Sponsor ($50)

Your donation will support the schools we partner with and enable them to gain access to the many resources we have on anti-bullying, enhanced literacy, and diversity/equity. In return for your donation, your logo will be displayed on The Culture C.O.-O.P. website and social media platforms. You will be recognized on media and news releases.

Donations can be made by VISA, check, money order, and cash.

If you would like to donate by VISA, please call (530) 902-4534.

If you would like to mail a check or money order, our mailing address is P.O. Box 463 Davis, CA 95617.
Your support is important for us, our community, and the next generation. We look to working with you!


Sandy Holman



Have Sandy Visit for FREE
The Culture C.O.-O.P. aims to make its services available to all interested groups, regardless of their financial ability. If your school or organization buys or sells more than 300 books to children and/or the community, Sandy will visit your organization at no charge.

Restrictions to this offer:

Organizations who wish to earn a free visit under the above conditions must notify Sandy beforehand. Doing so ensures that your book sales and purchases will be properly attributed to your organization. We must receive payment no later than a week before the event.

All sales must be pre-sales.
Bounced checks are the responsibility of the school or organization.
Please feel free to call us at (530) 792-1334 with any additional questions or email us.


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