Learn More About the Cost of Darkness


The Culture C.O.-O.P. (Caring, Optimistic, Open-Minded People) and its non-profit arm United in Unity is producing a documentary called The Cost of Darkness, examining color bias and racism in American institutions and their culminating effects on people of color.  The film will focus on six institutions: the economic system, education system, health care system, criminal justice system, political system, and media. Research shows that in each of these institutions, there are penalties for having darker skin in our society, and our documentary will examine the impact of those penalties on people of color.

The tenacity of institutional racism is impossible to understand without historical context and The Cost of Darkness will explore the history of racism to the present. As a result of multiple institutional challenges, darker individuals are faced with a“compounded institutional impact” that is nefarious and damaging to people of color and the poor. Compounded institutional impact is a term that we have coined to explain an interesting contemporary, social, and global phenomenon in which color dynamics in a society can dictate your ability to survive and thrive in life. The film will use compelling research, expert interviews, and real experiences of individuals to show that skin color affects the opportunities that people have in their lives. In addition, we hope to illustrate that there is still a critical need to combat oppression in our major institutions and society in general. This is true around the world.