Our author visits are one of our most requested services. Dynamic and interactive in nature, Sandy Lynne Holman has presented to hundreds of schools and organizations across the country. Youth and adults explore concepts such as embracing diversity, fostering character education, honoring our elders, the importance of reading and literature, and having fun along the way.
An author visit to a school typically includes two assemblies, a book signing, visitation to two or three pre-selected classrooms, and lunch with staff (if the school desires). It is a fun-filled day that leaves a memorable impression on youth and staff.
We have conducted author visits for all age groups, from kindergarteners through adults.


This exciting author visit is like no other and will be one your students and faculty will remember for years. Educational, interactive, inspirational, and entertaining, Sandy's presentations are outstanding. Youth of all ages will become excited about reading and performing at their highest levels.

- Includes two 45-60 minute assemblies

- Two to three classroom visits

- Autographs for pre-purchased books

We encourage you to invite Sandy Lynne Holman to your school to promote understanding between cultures, literature, respect and so much more.

The Culture C.O.-O.P. produces an Author Visit Packet specifically designed to help you plan an author visit to your school.


A Special Welcome and Thank You From Sandy

Thank you for inviting me to your organization to visit with your youth and staff. I look forward to having a great time with all of you while encouraging your young people to appreciate the importance of reading. To make sure the day is a success, I have enclosed some suggestions that you might find helpful in planning my visit. Because each organization is different, please implement any additional ideas you feel are pertinent to your unique setting. This packet also contains a list of items I will need on the day of my presentation.
Once again, thank you for honoring me with the opportunity to spend time with your youth and share an appreciation of different cultures through literature. I am sure your organization will continue its endeavors to expose its young people to a variety of ethnic backgrounds by introducing them to many other authors and their books. I applaud your efforts.

Sincerely, Sandy Lynne Holman
Author of Grandpa, Is Everything Black Bad?


Below are various one-sheet instructions and samples to help you prepare for an author visit. All of the materials are important to make the visit a wonderful experience for everyone. So, please take a moment to carefully review each one. CLICK ON EACH ICON TO PREPARE FOR YOUR DAY

  • Items Sandy Will Need: This is a checklist of items Sandy will need on the day of her visit. Please review this list and make sure you can provide all items indicated.
  • Sample Order Forms for Parents: Make copies of this sheet to send home with home with children at your organization. It explains how to order the book before Sandy's visit.
  • Sample Request for Other School Participation: Use this sheet as an example cover letter, to be type on your own organization's letterhead, to notify other schools and youth organizations in your district of Sandy's upcoming visit. It has been our experience that other organizations who were unaware of Sandy's visit would have liked the opportunity to have her visit them as well. In addition, there is an opportunity for cost-sharing among the schools and organizations that participate.  
  • Suggestions for Teachers or Staff: This sheet has a number of suggestions for educators on how to use our books in the classroom. Make photocopies of the material here and distribute to teachers whose youth will be participating in Sandy's visit. 
  • Sample Request for Donations: A sample cover letter, to be typed on your own organization's letterhead, to invite businesses in your community to make donations that can help defray the cost of an author visit. 
  • Sample News Release: A sample news release to send to your local media (newspaper, radio, and TV stations) to announce Sandy's visit. This can lead to good exposure for your organization and for any other organizations that participate in helping to make Sandy's visit possible through their donations.
  • Travel Arrangements: This sheet will provide information on various travel arrangements, if necessary, to be worked out prior to Sandy's visit. (Not Yet Available)
  • Have Sandy Visit for Free: This sheet explains a special offer whereby, if you are able to buy/ sell more than 300 books to children and/ or the community, Sandy will visit your organizations at no charge. There are a few restrictions to this offer, so please call us at (530) 792-1334 to learn more. 

Because we know that each organization is different, we encourage you to implement any ideas you feel are pertinent to your school setting, in addition to those we have recommended here. If you have any questions, ideas, or are simply looking for helpful suggestions, please don't hesitate to call our outreach coordinator, Mark Miller, at (530) 792-1334.

Thank you.

Mark Miller, Outreach Coordinator